Camera Service – unlimited recording time

If the spy watch and pen designed for autonomous operation and post outside the apartment, the “camera-Service” is aimed at home recording. Typically, it is used to monitor the behavior of members of his family: jealous husbands Service put the bed to monitor the fidelity of his wife, and strict parents with such a timepiece peep the way of life of teenage children. How else to know what they are doing in their rooms ?

A significant plus of this device lies in the unlimited video recording time (this time is determined by the size except that sd-card).

Tracking Systems

Separate shelf in spy shops are “tracking system”. This is certainly not a professional system, which can be found at the disposal of all kinds of private security companies, and easier option. In fact, online stores offer you a set of web-cameras of varying quality, tied to your PC or laptop. Special software synchronizes the image with each camera set on a special multi-screen.

Budget tracking system can be purchased for 7-9 thousand rubles. It will include a couple of cameras, a powerful hard disk and software.

More sophisticated models are more expensive. For example a set of Record Combo-kit # 3 for 19900 will allow you to keep track of hallways their home and local area.

It includes a 4-channel triplex digital video recorder with a folding screen 7 “with built-in hard drive capacity of 320 GB. Also included are 2 outdoor camera with IR illumination range of 15 meters and 2 cameras” minidom. ”
tracking system
Each camera comes with a combined cable length of 25 m, and the DVR – special software and a remote control. Used complete DVR “squeezes” analog video in MJPEG format and provides video with resolution of 640 x 272 and at 50 frames for all channels. Built-in hard drive provides a continuous 4-channel recording for five months at a rate of 1 frame/sec. 2 are attached to the DVR camera type “minidom” and 2 outdoor cameras. With built-in IR illumination these cameras “see” in total darkness for 15 meters.

Dream James Bond: night vision, rangefinders, silencers and wiretapping blockers

The range of spyware supermarkets is not limited to just audio and video recording devices. Gadgets-reviews did not leave without attention and most unusual “secret” electronic gadgets and devices.

So, any hunter and fisherman evaluate night vision devices from the company Recon. Note that most of the PNV in the market – monoculars! The fact that the night vision system according to the type of binoculars would not be expensive for an ordinary buyer. But monoculars can be found for 20 and even 10 thousand rubles.

Model Recon 325, for example, provides for 10 000 night photo and video, four display modes: black and white, green (habitual PNV), red (low eye fatigue during observation) mode and high contrast. Jack for connecting external sources can operate as a video output and video input.

More expensive will cost PNV Recon X550. It features a 5.5-fold zoom and increased surveillance range (up to 250 m), which is provided by a highly sensitive CCD – matrix and the processing program of the incoming signal Sum Light. Also – this is one of the most compact models in the world PNV available “mere mortals”.
night vision

Another “hunting chip” – laser rangefinders. These gadgets are about the same as and the PNV, but are responsible for completely different functions. Laser leveling helps determine the exact distance to the target, adjust the shot, from which he would not have made: even a bow! So, rangefinder Legend 1200 ARC delivers instant reading distance of up to 1100 meters, while the true horizontal distance calculating on the basis of the angle of inclination of the earth with the help of technology ARC. Typically, these devices are integrated ballistic calculator and the minimum software. It works water and udarozaschita.

Spy Gadgets, providing protection against spy gadgets: blockers and jammers

A series of spy gadgets … provides protection against spyware gadgets. For example, the device BugHunter Dvideo professional finds hidden camera. He and other similar piece of iron work on a simple principle.

Any camera or videozhuchok has a lens that contains in its structure the lens. The principle of operation of the device is to detect light glare that reflects the hidden camera lens. The detector emits a powerful light output in the red spectrum.

Glasses with Camera

A pair of glasses with a camera is well hidden and should be able to take it all. In particular, the interlocutors are of not much or not at all affected when the camera is well integrated into glasses. Whereby here always the legal side comes into play, even if it should be so much fun yet to film his opponent and take.

But there are also other recordings with the glasses with camera possible, where there is no inconvenience to be feared. For example, during a walk with the dog when he romps with other playmates. Especially in these moments, the large video equipment would not be with us. And if they do, should fade too much time until all the equipment unpacked and ready to shoot. Then the situation may have long since changed. Later attempts act only artificially and asked. However, with such a spectacle with camera can be immediately photographed or filmed. Above all everything is conveniently included on a small memory chip and the glasses with a camera can be easily inserted into the hand or pocket when not in use.

This memory of glasses with a camera can be unlimited number of times on plays, after the data is transferred to the PC via USB connection. The duration of the recordings in the glasses with a camera located on the capacity of the chip, on the other hand the fact that glasses with the camera is to be used. Here there are countless models and versions which are available both in stores or on the World Wide Web in various so-called spy shops.

Entirely inconspicuous glasses with camera is not yet, however. This is to say especially of glasses, which are equipped with small mirrors to view to the rear can. However, there is also glasses with camera, which are able to record video HD with 1,280×720 pixels with a lens between the eyes.

Is added to either a fixed built-in internal memory or on memory cards that are now acquiring even with up to 64 gigabytes.